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KIS3 (Keeping It Simple, Sophisticated and Stylish) Event Planning is a premier event planning company which prides itself with providing outstanding wedding planning services as well as hair, make-up and henna resulting in excellent customer service. Because of the nature of our work, it is critical that we surround ourselves with like-minded vendors who share similar goals and ideas with us. Zamana Lifestyle Photography is one such vendor we love working with!

We’ve had the honor and privilege of working alongside with Seema and Naz and were (and continue to be!) completely amazed by their amazing work and photography and cinematography talents.

From their innovative creative digital image concepts to their unique approach fro providing exceptional customer services – we have watched Zamana produce extraordinary Kodak moments for our clients! Every time we bring a client to Zamana we find that they spend unlimited time to get a thorough understanding of the vision and expectations of each client. They truly treat each event as it were their own.

KIS3 Event Planning is very particular with the vendors that we choose to work with and we have always had an amazing time working with Zamana. Not only are they truly a blast to work with but they never fail at their job and leave all of our clients very happy. As a bride and groom, we truly encourage you to go to Zamana Lifestyle Photography & Cinematography. We have every bit of confidence that they will go above and beyond to ensure that your dream wedding is always remembered as a beautiful memory for years to come! Zamana truly knows how to keep it simple, sophisticated and stylish!


Tina & Nihar

January 2009

Nashville, Tennessee

Nihar and I are extremely pleased with the video editing, quality, songs collection, and cinematography. We absolutely love the work and we wanted to thank you for making the whole process so easy and fun. We were also surprised to find a few clips of our friends wishing us congrats and that really was a special touch. You truly have preserved our memories in a very captivating way and we are extremely thankful to have found you.


Priya & Rajan

Priya and Rajan

February 2009

Charlotte, North Carolina

We loved working with Zamana. We could definitely recommend you to anyone who wants beautiful pictures to capture all the priceless moments of their wedding. Zamana was at all our events from the beginning all the way to the end and also helped us relax and get some great pictures. We were very happy with all our wedding pictures and we loved how they never missed a moment.


Praneetha & Hari

Praneetha and Hari

November 2008

Atlanta, Georgia

We are so happy with Seema and Naz of Zamana for the wonderful work they did for our wedding and reception. We first met them four years ago at my cousin’s wedding and we knew from their pictures at that time we wanted Seema and Naz to take our wedding photos. They are very professional, courteous, and very helpful when it came to the big day. They covered not just us during the ceremony, but our guests, events, and settings as well. Our event was an all day affair and they were there capturing every moment of our special day from start to finish. The amazing photo shoots and candid shots throughout the day made us feel and look like royalty on film and on the video. We were so pleased with our pictures, we are still having trouble deciding the final selections for our albums because there are just too many good quality photos. The DVDs and photography for our wedding were a big hit with our friends and family. From personal experience and from their showroom it is obvious they have a unique eye for talented photography. We were very happy to have Seema and Naz work with us on our wedding day. It took a lot of unecessary stress off our planning and made the event unforgettable. Every time we see our photos or DVD, we can remember the wonderful time full of unforgettable memories of our special day. We know we can never get that day back and this is the reason why we are so happy with Zamana photography. We highly recommend Seema and Naz to capture and preserve the most important of memories for any event.

Hari and I are truly very appreciative of the way you guys captured our day. Its funny b/c I was watching the DVD earlier this weekend and I really was so stressed out during the actual day, it was so nice to replay the day on the video and appreciate it in a less stressful setting!


Cheryl & Shane Solheim

Cheryl and Shane Solheim

March 2008

Tampa, Florida

It was a pleasure to work with Zamana Lifestyles Photography. Our family and guests commented on their level of professionalism and warmth. Seema and Naz captured the emotion and special moments of our wedding without being invasive. We are so impressed with how well the album tells our story.


Bejal & Piyus Patel

Bejal and Piyus Patel

February 2008

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Making decisions during wedding planning can be quite cumbersome and difficult. Choosing Zamana for our wedding was one of the easiest decisions we had to make. I’ve had other family members use them in the past, and not I know exactly why. Seema and Naz were an aboslute pleasure to work with. They took all the right pictures at exactly the right time. The quality of the pictures are unparalleled and the wedding album couldn’t have turned out any better.




Hina & Sandeep

Hina and Sandeep


Atlanta, Georiga

I was the first sibling to get married in my family. You can imagine the amount of stress our family endured with trying to plan an engagement in Atlanta, pre-wedding function in South Carolina, a wedding in India, and a wedding reception in Atlanta, while I lived in Maryland and my parents lived in South Carolina.

We met with several photographers/videographers and they were the most professional, reliable, and dependable. Not only are they great photographers, they are excellent videographers as well. Zamana put me at ease throughout our wedding reception in December 2007. Seema and Naz keep up with the latest trends; they are creative and versatile.

Seema and Naz are very personable and both work well together. A wedding is one of the most important days in a young woman’s life and they captured every possible memory.

I can’t thank them enough for all they did. We have run into Seema and Naz at several functions and they are always so kind and genuinely happy to see us.

I continue to recommend Zamana and their services.


Sivi & Naga Baktha

Sivi and Naga Baktha

September 2007

Atlanta, Georiga

Seema and Naz are great! The wedding album and video of our ceremony and reception are amazing. We still get compliments from extended family members who were not able to attend the wedding but saw our video. We are so happy we chose Zamana and highly recommend this very professional company to anyone seeking a photography/videography service for their special event.





Nirali & Aaditya Vora

Nirali and Aaditya Vora

May 2007

Daytona, Florida

For my wedding, my parents and I had looked at a couple photographers before we met Seema and Naz, but as soon as we saw their work, I knew instantly I wanted them for my wedding. It was so creative and so different from anything else I had ever seen. They capture every important moment and take stunning pictures of both the decorations and the bride and groom. They design your video and album based on your own personal taste so it comes out exactly the way you want it.

Although their work is incredible and one of kind, the best part about Zamana is how great it is working with them and especially during the actual wedding. As tired as you get during that weekend, they are always trying to cheer you up and make jokes with you in order to keep you energized. You truly appreciate their energy and generosity during those times where you are stressed and tired. They are also extremely reliable so you can always count on them to be ready and on time for every event.

I am grateful to them for making my expericence so wonderful and for giving me a beautiful album and video for my memory. I continue to recommend them to my family and friends.